Meet Cynthia

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Cynthia ehl, MCP, RCC


I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#16172) with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors. I have a Master of Counselling Psychology Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. I have experience working closely with individuals from all walks of life, including adults on probation/bail, children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, engineers, lawyers, children, youth, younger adults, and older adults. I have experience with a wide range of concerns from depression, anxiety, suicide, loneliness, stress, trauma, childhood trauma, relationships, infidelity, self-esteem, identity, culture, parent-adolescent conflict, family conflict, boundaries, and self-care, amongst others. I have a special interest in working with youth and young adults who are struggling with their relationships with their parents, or who desire to become more independent.


My approach to counselling is person-centered and strengths-based. I believe that human beings already have within themselves a natural capacity to heal, to grow, and to move towards wellness, health, and optimal living. In my experience, sometimes what may be missing is a specific environment that allows humans to flourish and grow. My goal as a therapist is to provide you with optimal conditions: genuine empathy for you and your lived experiences; unconditional positive regard, respect, acceptance, and caring for clients; and lastly, through my way of being - true, genuine, authentic, and myself. In my experience, in an environment where clients feel truly heard, understood, validated, and supported at the deepest levels, this is when and where change starts to happen. I offer a warm, safe, empathic, and nonjudgmental space where you can just be yourself.



I enjoy exercise, running, zumba, yoga, meditation, reading, biking, hiking, cooking, and baking. I enjoy being outdoors.