Frequently Asked Questions

What can i expect?

In the first session, we will meet in person. First, we will go through some important documents. These forms cover everything you need to know about therapy with myself, so that you can make an informed decision before starting counselling. If you give your consent for therapy with me, the forms will be signed and you will receive a copy. The remainder of the session will be spent focusing on whatever you desire. Typically, clients then start to discuss why they are seeking out counselling.

how long does therapy take?

There is no one answer to this. It depends on the client and their unique needs. Some clients only need 1-5 sessions. Other clients may need 20+ sessions. It is entirely up to you and what you feel you need. Clients choose how often they come, and for how long. Typically, clients start out coming in once a week. As therapy progresses, this may change this to once a month, or as needed. When clients feel they do not need to come back, therapy is terminated. Sometimes, years later, clients may experience something in their lives that encourages them to seek out counselling again (i.e. a major life transition, a job change, a loss, etc.). Clients may return to counselling to work on something entirely different.

how is my personal information kept?

In counselling, all information about clients is held in the highest confidence. Registered Clinical Counsellors are bound by a code of ethics in which confidentiality is paramount. While counsellors take steps to ensure that your personal information is protected, please remember that electronic communication is not secure. Your personal information and what you discuss in session will not be disclosed without your written consent. However, counsellors may have an ethical/legal duty to disclose information in certain specific cases:

  1. If we have reason to believe that you are an immediate danger to another identifiable victim, then we have a duty to break confidentiality;

  2. If we have reason to believe that a child or vulnerable adult is at risk of harm, then we have a duty to break confidentiality;

  3. For any other legal reasons, or as required by the law, or a court order to turn over clinical records or to appear in court.

How much does counselling cost?

Costs of counselling:

20 min telephone consultation - free

50 min session - $120 + GST

75 min session - $180 + GST

Payment via cash, Cheque, Master Card or Visa is payable at the end of each session.

E-Transfer is also available if payment is made prior to the session.


Do i really need counselling?

More and more individuals, couples, and families are seeking out counselling services. Perhaps it may be better to re-phrase: Do you need some support or guidance? Are you feeling stuck? Do you feel like something is off but don’t quite know what it is? Would you like to talk about your thoughts? Counselling may helpful for various concerns. You do not need to reach “rock bottom” to need counselling. Sometimes clients are quite happy with their lives; they just want some help figuring something out.

What if i’m not quite ready?

There is nothing wrong with that. You are in charge of your own life. You know when you are ready and when you aren’t. If you want to take the first steps, you may book a consultation and/or first session to see if I am the right fit for you. In therapy, you determine the pace. We will work together at your own speed and pace. You get to decide if/when you’d like to come back. If you need time to process, I will still be here when you are ready to come back.