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Clients may seek counselling if a they are experiencing any of the following:



You feel like your life is passing you by and you’re just a bystander, passively going through the motions. Your life may be lacking meaning. Maybe you’re tired of your routine. Life has become mundane and boring. Maybe you feel lifeless and numb. You might have a job that you can’t imagine staying at for the rest of your life.

You wonder if there is more to life. You’re drawn to the cosmos, universe, signs, karma, meditation, yoga, or other holistic or ancient practices. A part of you is searching for something greater. You are experiencing something that is hard to put into words. It’s like you’ve woken up for the first time in your life. You see life as it really is. You’ve realized there is more to life.

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You’re feeling anxious, stressed, tense, or worked up. You find yourself constantly worrying, planning, or trying to control everything. You have trouble with sexual activity, sleeping, or eating.

You may experience pain. You have a hard time relaxing. Your mind is constantly running. It’s hard to be present. You worry about the worst-case scenarios and the “what ifs.” You want from relief from your symptoms. You want to feel like yourself again.

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You feel sad, withdrawn, numb, or lifeless, & you don’t know why. You have low energy. It’s hard to get out of the bed. You have trouble eating, sleeping, or with sexual activity.

You feel unmotivated. You don’t want to do anything, nor do you have the energy. You’re exhausted, drained, & depleted.

It’s hard to feel happiness & pleasure, even in activities that you normally enjoy.

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You’ve been a victim of something traumatic. You try hard not to think about what happened. This takes a lot of your energy.

You feel exhausted. You may have nightmares and flashbacks. You feel like you’re constantly “on guard.” Certain people, places, or things remind you of your past. You just can’t get over what happened no matter how you try.

This may also include a traumatic car accident or injury.

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Life Transitions

You experienced a life transition that has left a mark.

You may have gotten married, began a new relationship, moved to a new place, started a new job or school, had a baby, adopted a child, made new friends, graduated, retired, or started some new spiritual or religious practices. Whatever the event, it’s left you feeling unsettled.

It’s been an adjustment and has taken some time to get used to. But you’re still not quite sure how to deal with it.

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You’ve experienced a loss. Maybe it’s their anniversary or birthday, and you’re feeling blue. Perhaps you’re going through a break up, a change of careers, a change of friends, or you’re moving. Maybe you have a recent addition to your life, such as a baby, child, or pet.

You’ve lost something or someone, or you gained something or someone. No one really understands what you’re going through. Others are not comfortable with your grieving. You might feel the need to pretend that you’re okay in front of others when inside you feel anything but.

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For you, life may actually be going pretty well. You may not have had any traumas, challenges, or adversity. Or maybe you have already done some healing in the past. Perhaps you’re just looking to speak to someone about wellness, your own personal growth, aspirations or dreams, or what is going right in your life.

Maybe you are looking to talk to someone you don’t know, someone who is open, objective, nonjudgmental, and who welcomes and accepts you just as you are, without trying to change you.

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Office Space Rental

Are you a therapist or other wellness practitioner looking for office space? We have two beautiful office spaces for rent starting August 2021. If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please send us an email.

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